Gain New Clients: How to for your business in 2023

Whether you’re a hairstylist, makeup artist, lash tech, nail tech or freelancing professional, making sure you gain new clients is important! Without those clients, you can’t flex your skills, make more money and do what you love. ❤️

There are thousands of beauty pros out there, so how can you make sure that your business stands out? Check out our list to find out how to get more clients for your business.

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1. Get Social to Gain New Clients

Social media is an amazing tool for beauty businesses as long as you stay active, put the effort in and keep it consistent. You can showcase your work, keep your most loyal customers engaged and reach new audiences. We recommend leveraging Instagram, Tik Tok and Pinterest to showcase your work.

Make sure that your content is high quality and don’t forget to use location specific hashtags (E.g. #atlantahairstylist, #nyclashtech) so clients in your area can see your content. Before and after shots, client testimonials and behind the scenes content all work really well to attract and engage with your audience. 👏

2. List your business on the Readyhubb marketplace and make It Easy To Book

As a client, an overcomplicated booking process can be frustrating and leave you looking elsewhere for services. No one wants to send endless text messages, emails or dms just to book an appointment and find your availability.

Make it simple for new clients to find your services and book online instantly by having an easy to use booking site with your updated availability. If you’re looking for a booking site that’s user friendly and markets your business for you then you’re going to want to check out the Readyhubb app. Not only do we take care of your clients by ensuring they have the best booking experience ever, we also help new clients in your area find your business so you can get paid more. Yup, Readyhubb is making it so you don’t have to stress about marketing your business to new clients, we bring the customers to you at no additional cost!

3. Network

In-person meetings have been tougher over the past couple of years but this is (thankfully) changing. Look for facebook groups, events and opportunities to tell people about your business and services. Word of mouth is still a thing and it’s sometimes a surprise to see where referrals come from. Think about where your ideal customer is most likely to hang out. 🤝

Always be prepared to chat about what you do, share business cards and speak to everyone as if they’re a potential customer.

4. Referral Programmes

Your clients are your best advertisement for your services – if they love what you do, they’ll tell people. If they get a reward for doing that, even better! Use your loyal customers to grow your business by encouraging them to spread the word to their friends and family about your services. You could offer a discount off of their next appointment or give them a special gift for referring new clients to you.

Always ask new clients where they heard about you – this lets you know who your biggest cheerleaders are and what’s working for you. 📣

5. Join Forces With Another Beauty Pro

If you’re a hairdresser 💇 who goes to an amazing nail tech 💅 at a different salon (or vice versa), then speak to them about whether they’d be happy to refer clients. You aren’t in competition but your client base will be similar.

Often clients are looking for trusted recommendations and advice on a ton of other services – a recommendation from a professional in the industry is a big deal. You can also look at joining online groups for your industry to get support from other pro’s and both will benefit when you gain new clients.

6. Build Up Your Reviews

Reviews are huge for business services and purchases. 93% of customers say that online reviews influence where they spend their money and 85% of hair and beauty customers look at reviews before they book. That’s why it’s super-important that your clients are happy when they leave! 👀

This can be as simple as sending out automated reminders, asking your clients or offering them an incentive to leave a review for your business. P.s – with the Readyhubb app you can request reviews from happy clients and showcase them on your profile.

7. Get On Google

Set up a Google My Business profile so that your business can be listed online, your customers can find your details, you show up on Google Maps 📍 and that you appear in local searches. It’s also great for search engine optimization and brand recognition for your business.

Don’t worry, you don’t need any specialist tech skills either. Google makes it as easy as possible with their guides, just make sure that any info you add in is up to date.

8. Offer Packages or Special Discounts

Think about this one carefully – while lowering your price might bring you more clients in the short term, they may not stick around once the service is full price (or someone offers an even lower price). You need to make sure you’re still making money on your services.💰

Look at your ideal customer and work out what package is going to appeal to them. It’s sometimes easier to add a “free” service that doesn’t actually take you a huge amount of time or product to carry out, rather than cut prices

What’s next? List your business on Readyhubb to stay booked and Gain New Clients!

Ready to try Readyhubb and make your life easier? Readyhubb markets your services for you so you can stay booked and busy.

Got any questions before you sign up? We’re ready to help whenever you need us – email and we will be in contact in under 24 hours.


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