5 Reasons Why You Need A Booking Site For Your Business

A booking site is a must have! If you’re a small business owner – it’s so easy to get caught up in everything you need to do to run your business.

Marketing, managing clients, answering phone calls and keeping track of your finances, it’s A LOT!

Here’s why a booking website might be what you need to take the pressure off while staying booked.


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More convenient for clients

With a booking site, your calendar is available to view 24/7. This means clients can make their appointments when they need to (without disturbing you out of hours).

The terms and conditions, deposits and any pre-appointment paperwork can be handled ahead of time. No need to waste time at the appointment!

Appointments can also be changed online, meaning way less back and forth with you to find a suitable time. Everything from your pricing to your policies is super clear with a booking website All of this makes it way more convenient for your clients (and you!).


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Saves you time on admin

Skip all of the admin that comes with working with clients. Booking appointments, tracking deposits and sharing your policies with your clients all takes time.

A booking site can link to your booking software and saves you time and effort on all of the above. Clients book directly, deposits are automatically requested at the time of booking and your policies are all there to read and agree to.

Everything is tracked and backed up, so no switching things between different systems. Plus you can easily keep up with admin between appointments, wherever you are. There’s no paper, no filing and no storage needed. Just an up to date booking system built into your website.

Helps you market your business better

46% of Google searches are for local information. Without a booking website you might be missing out when it comes to those all-important local searches. Search engine optimization (SEO) and reviews can make a huge difference when it comes to connecting with your ideal clients.

A booking website that’s set up in the right way can help you to get your presence in front of your local customers, along with making sure your Google Business and social media profiles are up to date (it’s easier than it sounds, we promise). With most searches starting online, that’s where you need to be.

It also looks more professional and trustworthy when you have a booking website with actual policies and processes on your site. You can also link your social feeds, showcase your best work and share your prices and policies all in one place, so that your customer can get to know you before they make a booking. You even brand your booking site to fit with your salon space and what your business is all about, creating that all-important recognition

Make more money

Less time on admin means more time for appointments, which is where you make money. Giving clients the ability to easily make appointments for multiple services at a time that works for them is another way that you can make more money by using a booking site for your business. You can build this upsell into your booking site, and encourage clients to try new services and offers.

A booking site is available 24/7, your customers can find out exactly what you offer and book straight away. No stress and no waiting around until you open. Just booked, busy and ready to see your customers. This way, nothing is eating into the time you need to actually carry out your services and see your clients.

Gain insights that benefit your business

One of the great things about a booking website are the insights you can gather from it. You can use analytics to find out where and how your customers are finding you, along with analytics in Readyhubb that help you to track your bookings and business goals. This can help you where to spend your time and money when it comes to attracting new clients.

The insights you get about your finances are essential as a business owner to stay on top of your goals. You will also see opportunities to upsell, and create offers or slow down if you need to. Without tracking what’s happening in your business, it can be a lot more difficult to plan your next steps as a business owner.


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