6 Free Booking Sites for Beauty Professionals

Do you want to know the 6 free booking sites for beauty professionals? Well read on! Booking appointments is the key to running a successful beauty business. If you’re not booked and busy, you’re not making money. Every business is different, and so is every beauty booking tool. 

We’re taking a closer look at some of the most popular beauty booking sites, including Readyhubb, Fresha, Square Appointments, SimplyBook.me, Calendly and Booker to help you decide which is right for you.

6 free booking sites for beauty professionals


Readyhubb is free forever. This booking site and beauty marketplace offers features like appointment scheduling, client management, and payment processing, all in one platform. The user-friendly interface and customizable booking page make it an excellent choice for beauty professionals and small businesses.

Readyhubb is one of the most competitive free booking sites as it provides comprehensive features for appointment scheduling and helps beauty professionals market their businesses to gain new clients. With Readyhubb you can list your business and clients in your city can search and book your services.

The app covers a range of functions from marketing through to payments, communicating with your clients, keeping track of analytics and booking appointments, so you can manage your business in one place.

Best for: Readyhubb is an all-rounder and is suitable for a wide range of beauty professionals and freelancers across the industry.



Fresha is a popular booking site primarily tailored for salons, spas and beauty businesses. It offers appointment scheduling, client management and point of sale functionality, as well as the ability to list services and accept online payments. One of its unique features is the ability to list services and accept online payments. Fresha charges for its services, and also for processing these payments.

Fresha is similar to Readyhubb in terms of industry focus, but it lacks some of the broader business management tools Readyhubb provides.

Fresha’s free plan includes ads, and it charges commissions on bookings and fees for processing payments.

Best for: Fresha is a good choice for salon and spa owners who want a dedicated booking solution with integrated payment processing.


Square Appointments

Square Appointments is part of Square’s suite of business tools. It offers appointment scheduling, payment processing and inventory management. Square’s has a good reputation for payment processing which makes it a trusted choice for business owners that need that functionality. It’s a paid-for service.

Square Appointments is more suitable for businesses that heavily rely on in-person payments and need inventory management.

The free plan may have limited features compared to paid alternatives.

Best for: Square Appointments works best for small beauty businesses, especially those looking for payment processing and stock management.


SimplyBook.me is a versatile booking platform suitable for various industries, including beauty. It offers customizable booking pages, calendar synchronization and online payment processing. It allows businesses to create a customized booking experience. There’s a free and paid option.

SimplyBook.me offers plenty of customization which can be a strength for businesses who want their own branding on their business, and have the time to dedicate to this.

The free plan includes limited customizability and may display ads.

Best for: Beauty professionals who want a highly customizable booking experience will find SimplyBook.me appealing.


Calendly’s primarily known for scheduling meetings and appointments. It’s a great choice for business coaches and consultants who rely heavily on appointment bookings. Calendly integrates seamlessly with various calendar apps but doesn’t have a huge amount of other functionality to support beauty businesses.

Calendly is a niche solution compared to tools like Readyhubb that have been created for beauty businesses, instead focusing solely on appointment scheduling. There are free and paid options, but neither help with appointment management – just the scheduling of appointments. 

It may not suit businesses that require client management or payment processing.

Best for: Business coaches, consultants, and professionals who prioritize appointment scheduling will benefit from Calendly.


Booker is a booking and business management tool designed for the beauty and wellness industry. It offers appointment scheduling, staff management, marketing tools and reporting features. With Booker, beauty professionals can efficiently manage their appointments, clients, and business operations.

Booker is a specialized solution tailored to the needs of beauty professionals. While Booker offers a free trial, its full features may require a subscription fee.

Best for: Booker is an excellent choice for beauty professionals, including salons, spas and individual practitioners but isn’t free forever like Readyhubb.


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