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Acuity vs Readyhubb Comparison

The Acuity vs Readyhubb comparison is here! If you’re looking for a platform that makes scheduling appointments, marketing your business, accepting payments and communicating with your clients easier, then you may have a couple of different options in mind.

Readyhubb and Acuity are two platforms that seem similar on the surface but actually offer different features for your business. Let’s compare both so that you can work out which works best for you. 👀



Acuity vs Readyhubb comparison – Here’s how they’re Different.

Which Service Helps You To Gain Clients?

Gaining clients in a competitive market can be challenging. Marketing your business can sometimes feel like it takes just as much effort as the day-to-day services that you provide to your clients. 🥴 

Major difference between Acuity vs. Readyhubb comes down to the marketplace feature. With Readyhubb you can list your business and get discovered by new clients. This helps you promote your work to prospective clients who are looking for services in your area. You can even link your social feeds to your portfolio so you’re not having to update yet another marketing channel. 💁

Both Readyhubb and Acuity offer the ability for appointments to be scheduled and managed online. Clients want to be able to make (and adjust) appointments easily and conveniently.

Readyhubb and Acuity both let you run workshops and group bookings, but If you’re booked and busy, Readyhubb also allows clients to sign up for your waiting list – this is perfect for ensuring your calendar stays full even when you have last minute cancellations. You can easily notify clients on your waiting list when new slots become available!


Can receive reviews from clients and showcase your work?

Reputation is everything for a business – being able to receive reviews from your clients and share your portfolio helps boost your online reputation and makes it easier for clients to feel trusting enough to book your services. For professionals looking for a site that showcases their reviews and also provides the freedom to post pictures of your work – Readyhubb is a great fit. While Acuity provides scheduling and client management tools – options are limited for professionals who want to create a more visual online profile and Acuity doesn’t have reviews that help you build trust with clients.


Can You Manage Payments: Acuity vs Readyhubb?

Both platforms let you accept and manage payments (including cancellation, deposits and no-show fees) 💰

One of the benefits of Readyhubb is its chargeback response service. If a client decides to raise a chargeback against your business, their in-house team will handle it for you so you don’t need to get involved in the back-and-forth of managing a claim.


Which Service Lets You Communicate With Your Clients?

Both platforms let you send booking reminders via email and text to reduce the number of no-shows. With Readyhubb you can streamline all of your client communications through the app, all in one place. With Acuity, clients still have to contact you via Instagram, email or phone call. Readyhubb makes it easier to ditch the endless calls and text so you can concentrate on your work.

Can You Manage Your Services On The Go?

Both Readyhubb and Acuity have their own apps where you can manage bookings and appointments for your clients, as well as see reporting, payments and messages from clients. This makes it easy and convenient to manage your busy business between bookings.💨


Do Both Services Have Reporting Features?

If you want info on bookings, no-shows, earning and performance then both platforms offer this. With Readyhubb you can see your most popular services and your most loyal clients in the app. Showing you valuable insights on how your business is working out is always a good idea. 📈


Customer support

Acuity offers 24/7 email support and live chat support through squarespace. With Readyhubb you’ll have a dedicated account support specialist to answer all of your questions. You can schedule calls with the Readyhubb team and you receive assistance with migrating your client list and setting up your account if requested. 

Stay ahead of trends and let your clients follow your page

If you haven’t already checked out Readyhubb’s inspiration section, this is a must for freelancers and beauty professionals. This helps to engage with your clients be seen by potential clients looking for inspiration for their next booking. You can post pictures of your best work and be a part of setting trends in your industry. When clients search for hairstyle or nail inspo in their area they can find and book you directly.


Can You Get A Free Trial: Acuity vs Readyhubb?

Both Readyhubb and Acuity offer free trials before you make a purchase. Acuity offers a 7-day free trial, whereas Readyhubb’s free trial lasts 30 days to allow you to really work out if the platform is for you.

If these features resonate with you then sign up for a free trial of Readyhubb and level up your business. Got any questions before you sign up? We’re ready whenever you need us – email, schedule a demo and we’ll be in touch in under 24 hours. 📧




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