Apps For Beauty Professionals – 6 Must Haves!

Apps for beauty professionals are a MUST MUST MUST if you run a beauty business. You know that image is everything. Low quality images on your social feeds, unflattering angles and poorly lit salon spaces can all mean that prospective clients book with someone else. The same goes for marketing material that doesn’t look professional or a website that looks like it hasn’t been updated for years.

Your customers need to get a sense of who you are and what your business is about to be able to trust you, and if your first impression doesn’t give off that vibe then you can wave those customers goodbye. Trust is a huge part of the buyer journey in the beauty industry.

Fortunately, it’s never been easier to create a professional looking presence both online and offline, and it’s all thanks to apps that you can use to design, schedule and edit content. It can transform an expensive chore – like managing client bookings or designing a price list – into something easy, quick and cost-effective (that still looks and feels great).


Here are 6 must have apps for beauty professionals to help boost the way your business runs:


Canva really has revolutionized digital design, especially for people who aren’t experienced in professional design. Filled with templates for everything from social media posts through to logos and business cards, with the ability to totally customize your designs. 

Canva is seriously easy to use. You can utilize a drag-and-drop approach to design, which anyone can learn.  Canva also comes with thousands of templates, images and graphics An app that is perfect for when you need to add a message on your social media feed, or create something that fits in with your brand. At this point, we  actually don’t know how small businesses managed without it!


InShot is an editing app for videos and photos – and we all know how important video and photos are for promoting your business. With InShot, you can easily make a video collage, slow motion, stop motion, reverse video and more. You can share your videos to social media, or edit your video with music and pic for TikTok.

TikTok is huge for beauty brands right now, so you need to use the platform that resonate with your audience. Inshot makes this much easier and you can use it straight from your phone, no messing around with a desktop.


Readyhubb is a scheduling solution for beauty pros and freelancers to help market and manage your business. It allows your clients to book and manage their own appointments, automatically sends notifications and appointment reminders and even lets you host group sessions and workshops.

You can market your business on the Readyhubb marketplace. Also, receive verified reviews, share your best work to market your business and create promotions, discounts and codes to send directly to your customer base.

It also manages your payments and means that your booking policies are adhered to. You can manage cancellations, take deposits and even take tips through the app. You’ll get analytics to track your services, finances and views so you can make decisions that are best for your business. Sign up for your free Readyhubb trial here.


Milkshake is a free iOS and Android app that allows you to create a Milkshake website all on your phone. The theory is that you can make a totally free Milkshake website using the app in just minutes. It takes five simple steps and allows you to gather analytics and insights from your site.

If you’ve ever struggled to DIY a website, or you’ve paid over the odds for someone to create one (that you’re not always happy with) then Milkshake might just be the tool that you’ve been waiting for. You can include your booking link, service info and contact details so that people can see what you’re all about and get in touch.


Later lets you plan, analyse and publish your social media content in just a few clicks. It allows you to schedule posts, gather analytics, post content across multiple platforms. Later also provides insights that you can use to help improve your social media posting and strategy. You can even post stories and include captions.

The app is  easy to use and takes the hassle out of posting across multiple platforms. You also don’t have to remember to post on your days off. You can spend a couple hours creating content that connects with your audience and your ideal customer.


Lightroom is a free app that helps you to capture, edit and share your photos. This app uses non-destructive editing, which means you can make changes to a photo without permanently altering the original file. A perfect option if you decide you want to take it back to the original). 

You can edit photos on your phone straight in the app – a must for client pics. This will smooth out any imperfections or lighting issues. Crop, adjust colour and tone and apply presets to your photographs using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom wherever you are. No more trying to add a filter and distorting your image completely.


Facetune started out as a selfie app, but it’s quickly become the go-to tool for editing images  and videos for social media and other digital platforms. Everything is done through tapping, dragging and dropping – no need for specialist skills – and is super easy to use. It’s great for creating flawless images and for editing anything unsightly out of your photos and videos.

It’s probably the best known editing app out there because it gives great results and is totally to use. If you’ve tried other editing apps before without success, then give Facetune a go and see what you can do.



In today’s world. technology is everything. When you are running a business apps will be essential. We hope this article about apps for beauty professionals is helpful!

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