Engagement Tips: Socials for Beauty Professional

When you’re busy, social media can slide to the bottom of your to-do list, but we have come up with some engagement tips to help you out!  78% of hair and beauty pros agree that a strong social media following will help them to attract higher paying clients – so you should be keeping it at the top of your list.

Instagram and TikTok – two of the biggest social media platforms for beauty professionals – can help you to show off your skills, create brand awareness, reach new audiences and fill gaps in your calendar. They can also give you important insights into what your ideal clients want.

The good news is that there are some hacks for Instagram and TikTok to make your content more engaging so it can deliver the results you’re looking for. 

Take a look at our Instagram and TikTok engagement tips for beauty pros to help your business reach the next level. 🚀

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Some of Our Best Engagement Tips:

Plan (Some) Content in Advance

Take a little time to learn about both platforms and to learn what works best on there for other salons and professionals, what type of content people engage well with and where your target audience hang out. 

If you have a content idea, or spot an idea that you love, save it for later and set aside time to create that content ready to post. You can schedule content as you need to and where you have advance warning of an event or date (like Christmas or summer) then you can have relevant content ready to go. 🤳

This means that you can create more reactive, time-sensitive content (like appointment availability, business news and events) at the time so that you have a great mix of useful and engaging content. It also means that you have daily content that’s ready to go.


Use Instagram Reels 

Instagram Reels gets way more engagement than grid posts and are more likely to be seen by more people (including your potential clients). It’s time to get more comfortable with making short videos to showcase your work, where you work and to drive engagement. 

The good news is that the format of reels works for TikTok too, so you can repurpose content for both channels to make it easier. We’re all about working smarter, rather than working harder where it isn’t necessary.

Encourage Your Clients To Follow And Share

Think of your clients as part of your sales team. Get them hyped up about your work and ask them to follow, share and tag. You can even give them incentives like a discount or referral code that they can use for anyone who books from their recommendation.

You should share the photos of your clients that they share and tag you on social too, especially if they showcase your work in a real setting. A makeup, beauty, nail or hair appointment isn’t just a makeup appointment – it could be linked to a special event going on in their lives like a wedding, birthday or anniversary. 🎉

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Network With Others

Social media is all about networking, community and connections. Follow other artists, brands, experts and educators in your industry to keep up to date with developments, news and successes. Engage with their content, help them to share their knowledge and see your engagement grow too. 🤝

You don’t need to overthink it. Responding to stories, commenting or liking content helps everyone and can also get your profile in front of more people. There are a whole host of beauty professionals where social media has been 


Make It Interactive

To boost engagement on social media, you need to create engaging content. This means photos and videos that your audience is going to find useful, interesting or exciting. It also means creating content that looks good (no shaky, pixelated or dimly-lit posts please) – there are a ton of apps and tools out there that you can use to improve your content.

It also means getting a little audience participation going. Ask questions in your stories, create polls, host Instagram or TikTok live sessions and encourage comments in your captions. This helps build your engagement and means that your content is going to pop up in more feeds filled with your ideal clients.💬


Share Behind The Scenes Content

The beauty industry is hugely visual – it’s also a big deal on social media, especially Instagram and TikTok. Show off your skills by creating before and afters that are more engaging than just swipe across photos.

Experiment with transitions, show different stages of the process and get your clients and team involved. Bonus points if the end result is unusual, eye catching or really shows off your expertise in your field – you’ll be amazed at how interesting your daily routine is to others. 👀

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Use Trending Sounds, Challenges and Hashtags

Using trending sounds, trending hashtags and taking part in social media channels can be an amazing route to engagement. TikTok’s algorithm is great for this, and going viral on the platform can do big things for your business.

Check out what sounds 🔈 , songs and hashtags are popular when you post, and make sure you use captions and hashtags correctly. Don’t spam hashtags, but instead use a mix of general, industry relevant and trending ones, and remember to change it up and keep it fresh. Using the same ones every time won’t benefit your reach and engagement as much.


Share Your Socials

Make sure you share your socials in your salon, on any marketing material, aftercare leaflets and anywhere you market your services. If people don’t know your social handles, then they’re not going to engage with your accounts.

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Find out more about Readyhubb and how we’re helping stylists, salons and freelancers grow their business, and share your best engagement tips below in the comments!


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