How to gain new clients for hair braider or hairstylists!

Top 13 Proven ways to gain New Clients for Hair Braiders & Hairstylists

Gaining clients is essential when it comes to growing your business. Hairstyling’s a competitive industry, and being able to stand out from the crowd and attract new clients is key to running a successful business. 

Here are 13 strategies you can implement to elevate your beauty business and earn more money!

Level up your socials (Consistency is key)

Your social media’s one of the most important platforms for attracting new clients. Share high quality videos of your work, monitor your engagement , use searchable hashtags for your city (e.g: #nycbraider) and share your booking app link so new clients can easily spot your availability and book your services. It’s important to stay consistent when using social media to market your business, you don’t have to be on every platform so pick your top 2 and build a community around your beauty business.

Pro tip: It doesn’t have to cost you anything but time spent on creating, posting and engaging. Invest in a quality ring light and a cute backdrop to take pictures & videos of your work

Offer special promotions

Whether you do a recommend a friend offer, offer a discount for new customers or use a service like Groupon to promote your services to new customers, offering special promotions for first-timers can be a great way to get clients to your business. 

It’s worth remembering that in the long term, low pricing isn’t always worth doing as clients can get used to paying less for their services and you might not be covering your costs. You need to be getting paid what you’re worth. Sometimes it’s more cost effective for you as a business to add extras on than discount services.

Pro tip: With the Readyhubb app you can set up discount codes and special offers for clients! Adjust the settings to offer discounts to new clients or limit the total number of uses. The discount code feature on Readyhubb is a great way to create offers that attract clients and monitor the performance of discounts you offer!

Make it easy to book

Making it as easy and convenient for your clients to book and find out about your services is important. Readyhubb lets you manage your appointment scheduling, calendar management and client communications  hassle free. This makes it easy for new clients to view your availability, book appointments, make payments and chat with you from one place. If your process is overly complicated, it might turn new customers off.

Not having a booking site in this day and age is a huge red flag for clients – maintain your professionalism and present yourself as a reliable stylist by using a booking site that is user friendly for your clients.


Claim your Google Business page

A Business Profile on Google is a fast, free and convenient way for users to find you online. It shows information like your business name, logo, address and phone number. It also lets people review your business and means that you show up in searches for businesses like yours in a certain location. 

This is great for people who don’t use social media or people who are looking for local recommendations by searching for “hairstyling near me”.

Collect reviews

Ask your happy customers to leave you reviews after a service, showcase these reviews on your social pages, your booking site and on public review sites like google business. Not only do they help build the trust and reputation of your business, they also make you more competitive and attractive to clients who might be comparing your services to other stylists.

Pro tip: With the Readyhubb booking site, you can automatically collect reviews from your clients and share them publicly on your profile

Hold a competition or a giveaway

Holding a competition or a giveaway where people have to share your business to enter can be effective for getting your name out there, and in front of customers who are looking for your services. You could offer services or a gift voucher as a prize. This can help you gain followers on socials and raise awareness of your business, especially in the local area. Just make sure that you’re up to speed with any laws and regulations around running competitions in your area. 

Pro tip: To make your giveaway more effective, try partnering up with beauty professionals that provide other types of services (e.g: lash techs, nail tech etc)

Partner with local businesses

Businesses that work in a similar field to you, where there’s a crossover with clients but not necessarily the same services are great to partner up with. This means recommending one another where a client needs the services you provide. 

Makeup artists, beauty salons, wedding businesses, lash artists and nail techs are all good examples of businesses to collaborate with to gain new clients.

Go old school

Digital marketing can be a goldmine when it comes to reaching lots of people easily and for a low cost, but sometimes an old-fashioned leaflet drop in your local area can work just as well. Get some leaflets professionally printed and plan out your route, checking if there are any regulations on where you can drop leaflets off to then head to the streets to hand out or drop off leaflets. 

You can even ask local businesses if they’re happy to display them for you. Include a voucher or a discount code so you can check where your enquiries have come from.

Attend networking events

Take part in community events, industry trade shows and beauty expos. Use it as an opportunity to showcase your skills, have convos with potential new clients and raise awareness of your business. 

Engage with fellow pros, potential clients and industry influencers where you can to build relationships and increase your visibility. You never know who you might meet, and who might become a client.

Take on some speaking opportunities

It might push you out of your comfort zone a little (but that’s not always a bad thing) but by positioning yourself as a voice of authority with your clients and your industry, you can quickly become more in-demand than ever – this might even lead to you working with high profile clients and being able to charge for your services. It can also lead to more opportunities to showcase your skills and your business.

You could speak at professional events, in the local media or on industry podcasts to get your name out there. Even better, start your own and really put yourself at the front and centre of your industry.

Create a referral program

Develop a referral program where existing clients earn incentives for referring new clients. This approach incentives clients to spread the word about your skills and services, driving a steady stream of new business. 

You can even offer an incentive to your new clients too. The other benefit is that it feels way more genuine to a new client than just taking your word for it (even though you’re right, obviously). Make sure you encourage them to leave reviews and share about your salon too.

Specialize in something

Whether it’s balayage, cornrows, sew ins, knotless braids or specialist cutting services, being an expert can bring new clients (and money) with it, without really having to push your services. This can help you generate publicity, opportunities and clients looking for the best in the business to carry out their services.

To specialize, you need to invest in training and showcase your work so that people know about your skills, experience and dedication to your craft. People are serious about their hair, so showing that you’re just as serious can make a huge difference.

Post on the Readyhubb inspiration page

With the Readyhubb inspiration page you can share pictures and clients in your area can view your work and book the look! This Pinterest style feature helps you attract new clients who are interested in booking specific styles you offer. The pictures you share will also show on your booking site, this is a great way for clients to browse more of your looks and feel confident about booking your services.


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