Message Templates for Beauty Professionals

As a beauty professional, your client communication can make or break the client experience. Keeping your clients informed, engaged and loyal to your business is key to generating income. However, it can get time-consuming to communicate individually with clients – especially if it’s about promotions, discounts or general news.

With Readyhubb’s new automated messaging feature, Readyhubb simplifies client communications, allowing you to focus on what you do best – providing exceptional beauty services. Here’s what you need to know about Readyhubb’s automated messaging capabilities along with templates you can use with your clients.


Readyhubb’s automated messaging feature

With our automated messaging feature, you can schedule and send messages to your clients directly within Readyhubb. Whether it’s appointment reminders, thank you messages or promotional offers, Readyhubb has you covered. 

This feature ensures that your clients stay informed and engaged without you having to stress about manual communications or missing anyone out. It’s easy to use, uses the existing client records in the app and lets you communicate with the clients you want to in one place – guiding them towards booking and paperwork.

Templates are fantastic when it comes to talking to clients. They make your life easier, your messages look professional and consistent, and they save you plenty of time. Instead of starting fresh each time, you can tweak a template to fit each client’s needs. It’s like a shortcut to being speedy and responsive. Templates make sure you never forget important stuff! 

Automated messages on readyhubb


Message templates for beauty professionals

To help you make the most of Readyhubb’s automated messaging feature, here are some message templates tailored for beauty professionals, including hairstylists, lash techs, and nail techs:


Appointment reminder

“Hello [Client’s Name]! Just a friendly reminder that your appointment with [Your Name] is scheduled for [Date] at [Time]. We can’t wait to see you!”


Thank you message

“Thank you, [Client’s Name], for choosing us for your beauty needs! We hope you enjoyed your recent appointment with us. Your satisfaction means the world to us.”


Feedback request

“We value your feedback, [Client’s Name]! How was your recent experience with us? Your insights help us improve and serve you better.”


New service announcement

“Exciting news, [Client’s Name]! We now offer [New Service]. Book your appointment today to experience it for yourself!”


Special promotion

“Don’t miss out, [Client’s Name]! Enjoy [Discount Percentage] off your next appointment when you book by [Promo End Date].”


Holiday greetings

“Wishing you a beautiful [Holiday] season, [Client’s Name]! We appreciate your support throughout the year. See you in [Upcoming Month]!”


Referral appreciation

“Thank you, [Client’s Name], for referring a friend to us! As a token of our gratitude, enjoy [Discount or Reward] on your next visit.”


Rebooking reminder

“We hope you loved your recent appointment, [Client’s Name]! Secure your next slot by booking now to ensure your preferred date and time.”


Ready to save time on your client communications? Sign up for Readyhubb – with our forever free plan – and discover how to make running your beauty business even more efficient.


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