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Readyhubb vs Fresha – A Comparison

Readyhubb vs Fresha – Which One Is Better For Freelancers?

Readyhubb vs. Fresha – two platforms for freelancers and small businesses to manage their appointments and bookings. Both offer marketing services, booking options and app-based features for professionals. But which one should you choose?

Let’s take a closer look at each platform to discover which has the potential to work the best for your business as a freelancer.

Readyhubb for Freelancers

Readyhubb helps freelancers get discovered by new clients in their area by marketing their business, with features like an inspiration page where clients can browse your work and book their desired look. It also offers discovery features to help potential clients find you and book your services, as well as payment processing. Readyhubb also has a built-in chat feature that you can use to communicate with clients directly from the app.

It’s also been designed specifically for hair, beauty and makeup professionals – though anyone can utilise Readyhubb’s features – so it’s been custom designed to work for independent beauty professionals and freelancers who run their own show and manage all aspects of their business. Plus, Readyhubb doesn’t charge client commissions on your new clients.

Fresha for Freelancers

Fresha has some similar features to Readyhubb as professionals can schedule appointments, manage bookings and payment processing – plus it integrates with tools like Square and Xero. Unlike Fresha, it hasn’t been designed specifically for the hair and beauty industry, so it doesn’t have features that have been solely created for professionals that work in that industry.  It also isn’t as marketing and discovery focused as Readyhubb is.

Another thing Fresha does, which is different to Readyhubb, is that it requires a monthly subscription. In addition to this Fresha takes a percentage of new client bookings and a percentage of transaction fees on booking. This means less money in your pocket. Some users have also reported issues with customer support and technical glitches which could disrupt your business.

In conclusion, both Readyhubb and Fresha offer useful features for freelancers and small business owners. Readyhubb is more focused on marketing and discovery, while Fresha offers a wider range of features and is suitable for multiple industries. Ultimately, the choice depends on the specific needs and preferences of the freelancer or business owner. If you’re a freelancer in the hair and beauty industry, Readyhubb has better features and is less expensive.

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