Styleseat Alternative with No hidden Fees! Booking site & beauty marketplace comparison

We know you’ve looked for a Styleseat alternative, and we are here to help. Choosing your bookings platform is important. Choosing the wrong one can cost you clients, bookings and profit. Those tiny issues that annoyed you at first can become a big deal over time. This means it’s essential to do your research beforehand. It’s way easier to get it right the first time rather than change it later because you just can’t deal.

Readyhubb vs StyleSeat: Here’s how to decide between these 2 booking sites!

Readyhubb and StyleSeat are both designed as beauty marketplaces and booking platforms that connect beauty professionals with clients.

Let’s take a closer look at just how similar they are, and which comes out on top for your business.



Which is better for your client’s budget?

StyleSeat charges a booking fee for each appointment that’s booked through the app. They say it covers the costs of providing their booking platform. This fee isn’t passed on to you as a professional, but is an additional cost to your client.

This pushes the price of your service to a point that doesn’t fit with your client’s budget.  The other concern is that clients try to skip using the booking system to avoid costs. This leaves you to  juggle calls, texts and DMs just to arrange an appointment (aka back to square one).

Readyhubb doesn’t charge your clients a booking fee. At all. No hidden fees or commissions from your bookings – this means that your clients pay the price that you list for your services, so there’s no cause for confusion or frustration on their side. Just convenient booking and amazing treatments.

Which is better for your budget?

StyleSeat costs a flat fee of $35 per month to use or you can pay a 3% charge on all bookings (card payments are mandatory with this option) This is in addition to the booking fees that are being charged to your customers and other platform commissions that may arise.

Readyhubb costs $22 per month, with no additional fees or commissions to be paid by you or the client. This comes with a 14 day free trial so that you can work out if Readyhubb is right for you. For this cost, you can manage your calendar and bookings, take payments, market your business and check out those all-important analytics, so you can keep an eye on what’s going on with your business.


Did you know about these styleseat fees?

Learn more about styleseat fees here.

Consider these extra fees in addition to styleseat fees charged for appointment scheduling.  

  • Styleseat New Client Connection fees

Premium Plan – 30% ($50 max) of the service cost of the new client’s first appointment .

Basic Plan – 30% of the service cost of the new client’s first appointment

  • Styleseat smart Pricing fees

Premium Plan – 5.5% of the 20% upcharge total after Smart Pricing

Basic Plan – 15% of the 20% upcharge that Smart Pricing

  • Styleseat Premium Appointment fees

Premium Plan – 33% of the 20% upcharge that a Premium Appointment adds to the appointment

Basic Plan – 15% of the 20% upcharge that a Premium Appointment adds to the appointment


Let’s talk customer service (for you)

When it comes to customer service we know that your time is money…literally your business is in our hands! Readyhubb offers a dedicated customer service support team, with a real human at the other end. Whatever your enquiry and whenever you get in touch, someone from the Readyhubb team will be available to run through it with you via phone call, live chat or email.

StyleSeat has a self support centre and email address. This could mean that you’re waiting for a response, especially if you just have a quick question or you need help urgently. The support centre is comprehensive, but if you have a more unusual issue you might not get the help you need instantly.

Communicating with your clients

Sometimes clients have questions and ideally, you want to keep those communications in one place but make them easily accessible and available to reply to. Both Readyhubb and StyleSeat allow you to send marketing communications directly to your clients – this could be emails or messages about availability, pricing changes or new services – and service reminders, like booking reminders and payment updates.

Readyhubb lets you have direct in-app messaging with your clients on any device!

Try Readyhubb for free?

Both Readyhubb and StyleSeat offer a free plan, so you can check you’re making the right decision. Sign up for Readyhubb for a transparent booking site process with no hidden or extra fees and get ready to level up your business when it comes to bookings, marketing and communicating with your clients.

Got any questions before you sign up? We’re ready whenever you need us – email, or start your free trial at  📧


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