Why Consent Forms are Essential for Lash Techs & How to Craft Your Own

Lash extensions and services are booming, but working with sensitive areas like the eyes requires extra care. That’s why consent forms are essential for lash techs & we will show you how to craft your own. Consent forms ensure your client understands the treatment, acknowledges any risks, and provides vital information. It’s a must-have tool to protect your beauty business and ensure safety in the lash industry.

What is a consent form?

Your lash artist consent form is like a contractual agreement! It shows that your client understands the treatment and acknowledges any risks prior to the service. It also notes products used, and has their info like contacts and allergies, all in one place. They’ll sign to say they’re on board, understanding the service, results, and potential hiccups. And don’t forget, you can add a section for photo consent too! Keep it handy online, in your salon, or in your booking app – just make sure it’s secure since it has client info!


Why do lash artists need a consent form?

Your consent form is your superhero cape! It’s not just paperwork, it’s your protection and a clear line of communication. It makes sure both you and your client are on the same page about the lash process, risks, and aftercare.

Plus, here’s a tip: your insurance may require it! Without it, you might miss out on coverage if anything goes awry. This form also covers you legally by showing your client willingly agreed to the service and understood the risks. And let’s not forget about allergies – it helps you prep for any sensitivities. Want to dazzle your clients? The form lets them pick their dream lash style, length, and curl. It’s not just a form, it’s a tool for building lasting client relationships!

Lash tech consent form checklist. Client info, procedure details, informed consent, aftercare instructions, photo release, signature and date.

How to build your consent form

Start out by checking out if your booking app, insurer or brands you use need you to include specific info in your consent forms. As we mentioned above, this could be a big deal if anything goes wrong – so it’s better to collect too much info instead of not enough, and to make sure you’ve covered all bases.

Here’s how to start building a consent form for your lash business:


Identify the key sections

Your consent form should include sections that cover important aspects such as client information, procedure details, risks, aftercare instructions and any necessary disclaimers. Determine the sections that are relevant to your lash services, and make sure they’re in there.


Client info

Start with gathering basic client information, including their name, contact details and any medical conditions or allergies they may have. This section should also include space for the client to indicate any previous adverse reactions to lash extensions or related treatments. You can also include info like skin type, medication or skincare routine.


Procedure details

Provide a clear description of the lash extension procedure, including the application process, duration and maintenance requirements. Explain the potential risks, such as eye irritation or allergies, and outline the steps you will take to mitigate these risks. 


Informed consent

Include a section where clients can indicate their understanding of the procedure, risks involved, and the fact that they’ve had an opportunity to ask questions or seek clarification. This serves as their informed consent to proceed with the lash extension service.


Aftercare instructions

Outline detailed aftercare instructions for the client to follow to ensure the longevity and health of their lash extensions. Include information on cleaning, maintenance and any specific restrictions or precautions to be taken. This can be useful if a client comes back with a complaint but it turns out they haven’t been caring for their lashes properly.


Photo release

If you plan to capture before-and-after photographs of your clients’ lash extensions for promotional purposes (and let’s face it, why would you not?), get their consent in this section. Include language that specifies how the images may be used and whether the client will be identifiable or remain anonymous. Make sure whatever’s in there is something you stick to!


Signature and date

Provide space for the client’s signature and the date to acknowledge their consent. It’s also advisable to include your own signature and date to document that you’ve provided the necessary information and obtained consent from the client, but check with your insurer if you need to do this.


As a lash tech, using a consent form’s essential for maintaining professionalism, promoting client safety and protecting yourself legally. By building a consent form that covers all necessary info, you show your commitment to client care and ensure that both of you are on the same page throughout the lash extension process. Regularly reviewing and updates to your consent form will help you stay current with industry standards and best practices.


It is important to have a booking site that allows you to create custom forms that clients fill in when they are booking. With Readyhubb Pro you can build custom consent forms for your services. Download Readyhubb today and join thousands of beauty professionals!



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